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Paper toys are cheap to make and can be some of the most rewarding toys of a childhood. You can make as many as you want, destroy them in battle and make some more.
Puppets are fantastic! You can create an entire family of puppet friends use them for games,  puppet shows,  cartoons. and movies.
Puppet Shows are fun to put on! Entertaining people with sketches of different characters and funny life events helps grows ones imagination.
Balsa wood is one of the easiest craft woods to work with and you can build some really cool toys with it. R/C Airplanes are made from balsa wood.
Foam board is one of the greatest tools for building cities, castles, and toys. For a little bit of money.
Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Dressing up and running around in costumes is pretending to be someone or something else is so much fun. Living out those fantasy roles we always wanted to live.
Misc Toys that are easy to make