Spool racers


When I was a kid growing up I would go to my grandparentís house and my grandfather would make toys for my sister and I to play with. He was a jack of all trades and I always looked up to him. Here is one of my favorite toys he used to make us.




  1. An empty spool (from a spool of thread)
  2. Two small sticks (could be anything from toothpicks, to q-tips without the cotton at the end.)
  3. A rubber band










Once you have everything you need just follow these simple instructions.



  1. Cut one of the sticks just smaller than the diameter of the spool.
  2. Feed the rubber band through the center hole of the spool.
  3. Pull the rubber band so it sticks out of each end of the spool enough for you to put a stick through the loop of the rubber band.
  4. Put the sticks on each side of the spool through the rubber band.
  5. Wind up the long stick by rotating it on its axis.














  1. Put it on the ground and let it go.