In this lesson I am going to teach you how to create a secret messages that only you will know even exist.

Some History: It is rumored that this very technique was used by Vladimir Lenin when he was imprisoned to get secret messages out to his friends and family. 

What you need:

  1. Lemon juice

  2. Bowl

  3. Paper

  4. Q-Tip

  5. and Iron

Warning! The Iron is VERY HOT. Be very careful with the iron and never leave an iron on or plugged in unattended.

  1. Place a piece of paper on a table.

  2. Pour some lemon juice into a bowl.

  3. Using the Q-tip, dip the end of the Q-tip into the lemon juice and write on the paper.

  4. Allow the Lemon Juice to dry.

  5. Once the lemon juice is dry, you should not notice anything different about the paper. It should look like any other piece of paper you have laying around the house.

  6. Carefully plug in the iron and turn the iron up to it's highest setting.

  7. Once the iron has heated up. Carefully hold the paper up in front of it making sure to keep you hands and fingers clear of the heating element.

  8. You will notice that the words you wrote with lemon juice will begin to appear as the paper heats up. Remove the paper from the iron before the paper starts to burn.

  9. Turn off, and unplug the iron after use. NEVER LEAVE A IRON PLUGGED IN. Allow the iron cool.

You can use this to trick to send secret messages to your best friends. Or combine this with some of the other secret message tricks on this site to create a very secure encryption tool.