Enjoy character driven stories, imaginative vehicles, gadgets, games, toys, and more.

This site’s goal is to stimulate the imagination and encourages leaning through action, failures, iterations, and successes. The fact is, we learn more through our mistakes and failures than we do in our successes.

We strive to teach others how to make their own toys, gadgets, games, and more. We look to offer guidance, tools, instructions, and some insight into how things are engineered and how to incorporate those innovations into our own designs.

Here, we make mistakes; lots of them.  But we keep improving. We make things; then we make them even better through trial and error, successes and failures, and much iteration. By teaching others that mistakes is how we learn, we begin eliminating the stereotype that failure is a bad thing. We push through to overcome challenges, or learn to work around them.

Hopefully this site will inspire, encourage, and motivate others to create something wonderful.

So get started. Take something from your imagination and incorporate it into something new and Awesome!